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How do I return an item? 

Before returning an item, please check our Koreanmall Return policy(under) to make sure your item is eligible for return. 

Countdown starts from the date you received the item to the post stamp stated on the parcel you return to us. Countdown period (14 calendar days) will depend on the policy applicable on the item. 

After the form is completely filled up, please proceed your return following the below steps: 

you can contact our http://www.koreanmall.com/app/cs/counsel and we will be more than happy to assist you with your return.


You can also track your return status via http://koreanmall.com/app/mypage/order_list

What is Koreanmall’s Return policy? 

Depending on the Return policy, you may return your item within 14 calendar days. Countdown starts from the date you received the item to the post stamp date on the return parcel.

If you need to return an item you can begin the process by following the steps below:

Is returned within 14 calendar days

Printed Return Form

Bank Details in Return Form if opted for Refund (If no Bank Details has been provided the reimbursement will be done via Koreanmall Vouchers)

Reason for Return has to be valid and return acceptance condition met (Please see below) 

For which reason can I return an item?

You may want to return your item due to any of the following reasons: 

x : Not Required | ✓: Required


What are the reimbursement options available? 

x : Not Acceptable | ✓: Acceptable



How long is the quality evaluation process? 

The Quality Evaluation process would start as soon as the item is received at the warehouse. This process would normally take 48 Business hours but may extend due to the following reasons: 

Fortitous Events (Acts of Nature, Government driven circumstance)

Electronic Items that would require additional testing

Items that would require Merchant testing andor QC


How do I track my return status?You can track return status using the tracking number provided to you by our logistics partner or via our  http://www.koreanmall.com/app/mypage/order_list



POLICY - We offer Free & Easy return policy on all orders above $49 (excluding the shipping fee) within (14) days of the date you received the item to the post stamp stated on the parcel you wish to return.